Grants awarded

Grants given or committed in 2019 

There are currently three categories of grants:

1. Research grants,

2. Diving Safety promotion grants, and

3. Diving Medical Education Grants.

We have had quite a few applications for these grants (discussed in detail below) but our challenge is to encourage many more, and in a range of relevant areas. We have also offered support to worthy causes consistent with our mission to reduce diving‐related

morbidity and mortality.

Grants paid in 2018‐19:

DES scholarship (funds to attend 2019 SPUMS conference) ‐ $4,000

Gas contamination prevention course ‐ $15,000

DCI Promotion – DCI books sent to various operators/instructors ‐ $3,000

Rubicon Foundation – Website sponsorship ‐ $1,000

Grants paid or committed for 2019‐20:

Diver evacuation for (predominantly) DCI in Qld ‐ $22,000

Grant for Diving Medical Officers (DMO) course Perth ‐ $5,000

Hyperbaric Technicians and Nurses Association – Sponsorship ‐ $1,500

POW Hospital – Diver safety seminar ‐ $1,500

HMAS Penguin SUM – Books for DMO course ‐ $300

Grant for DMO course Perth ‐ $5,000

Grant for DMO course Perth – $5,000

Total funds committed to date = $63,000.

Including internal research costs (i.e., approx $25,000), total paid or committed to research to

date is approximately $88,000.

Internal research

The ADSF has been acknowledged as supporting several published research papers as indicated


  • Lippmann J. Snorkelling and breath‐hold diving fatalities in Australia, 2001‐2013. Demographics, characteristics and chain of events. Diving Hyperb Med. 2019; 49(3):192‐203.
  • Edmonds C, Lippmann J, Bove A. Immersion pulmonary oedema in Oceania – An analysis of 31 cases from Oceania. Undersea Hyperb Med. 2019; 46(5):581‐601.
  • Edmonds C, Lippmann J, Fock A. Immersion pulmonary oedema ‐ Case Reports from Oceania. Undersea Hyperb Med. 2019; 46(5):603‐610

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